Sunday, January 9, 2011

Reflection Post

When I chose the book The Dumbest Generation, How the digital Age stupifies Young America and Jeopardizes our Future, I thought that the book wouldn't be as strong in language as it was. I was astounded at the harsh terminology of the book the Bauerlein wrote. It hit rather close to home given that I am a high school teacher and all. I do agree with some of the items that were listed in the book, such as when he talks about how the average 10 year olds room looks like a multimedia center. This is so true. I have a young nephew who will be 4 this month and it seems that he is more technology savvy than I am. I was disappointed in that he really didn't offer much in the way to encorporate what is going on. It was pretty much dissing on the current generation. All in all I enjoyed the book and am not disappointed in spending the time reading it.

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