Saturday, January 8, 2011

Reflection Post

In the book The Dumbest Generation, I was surprised to read about how Bauerlein believes technology is making students “dumber”. I agree with some of his opinions but have a difficult time understanding others. The digital tools are reshaping our world and the older generations are having a difficult time with the change. Bauerlein believes that technology is not letting students learn and think on their own. I agree that websites like Facebook and My Space have no educational value. I am also concerned because students are spending the majority of their time on these sites instead of reading a book or writing complete sentences. I am also concerned about the students that are unable to spell because they are so use to spell check. I am afraid to say that the times when students needed to open a book and write on a piece of paper is becoming more and more rare. Many people use computers everyday to do their work, communicate, fill out resumes, research information, etc. Also people are using Kindles/computers instead of a books and newspapers to read information. I think, as an educator, we need to be more aware and accepting of the changes in technology. I believe that if educators related more of their assignments to the internet the students would be more willing to complete them. As an educator, I plan on using a variety of technologies in my classroom to help stimulate student’s interest and keep current with all the changes. I will also be more aware of some of Bauerlein’s concern with the change in technology. I believe that having a mixture of technology and “traditional” ways of teaching is the most effective way to reach many of the students.

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